About Us

We believe all clients deserve to be treated with dignity and receive the highest legal protection. None of us are the sum of our worst acts. The entire resources of the State or Tribe are aligned against you. You must pick an attorney who will fight for you and secure the best legal outcome. Criminal law requires a criminal defense expert. Your freedom depends on it.

At HenryLaw you will find the strongest academic credentials at your disposal.  Carlos Henry is the founding member of HenryLaw.  There are few, if any, more credentialed lawyers even at the most prestigious firms in the country.   This matters because you want the best at your side when the State comes for you.  

Criminal defense is my passion. 


Carlos Henry Profile:

  • Editor Yale Law Journal
  • Editor Yale Journal of International Law
  • Yale Law Prison Legal Services 1988-90
  • Member Connecticut State Tae Kwon Do Team
  • Summa cum laude
  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • Honors in Philosophy
  • Yale Tae Kwon Do Team
  • Judge John Ferren
  • Member Virginia State Tae Kwon Do Team
  • Top Speaker 1977, Third Speaker 1978
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What We Offer

Often the best defense is based less on intellectual horsepower and more on persuasion; finding the right words, tones and attitudes to present our clients in the most favored light to prosecutors, judges, and juries.  Here compassion and a deep understanding of our clients interests come into play.  Out clients are not just criminals, but rather each unique, though sometimes flawed humans who often, with the right structure and guidance can become what they were intended to be.