Recent Victories

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Bench Trials

Ultimately what matters is results.  All the talk, all the credentials become meaningless in our field if you cannot secure quality results for your clients.  Demand results.  The best predictor of future performance is past behavior. Below find the most recent legal victories. 

Client Victories

Bottom line is performance; namely how the client fares when the state demands prison.  Just a sampling:

Leflore Country 2012 Probation conditions prevented client from seeing or keeping his 9 and 10 year old sons. The state filed a two page brief; Henry Law a 13-page response. Henry Law was able to overturn those conditions and reunite the family.

Seminole Country 2008 Manslaughter Revocation bail reduced

"There Is Simply No Other Way To Say The Tremendous Value Of An Attorney That Is There For You When Everything That Matters In This World Is On The Line. My Gratitude Was More Than Earned, And I Highly Recommend Mr. Henry Because He Is Competent, With An Experienced Perception Giving Him An Accurate Advantage With His Work. He Will Show Up For You, Especially For What Matters, Not Just For The Paycheck. I Feel Like He Cares About His Work, Which Is What Makes Him An Excellent Lawyer."